Assessment & Reporting

Our starting point for assessment is our daily curriculum. Children are encouraged and supported in order to attain standards set within our school. There is on-going assessment by the class teacher, supported by Teaching Assistants. This involves the teacher setting clear learning targets and planning tasks and activities which will allow each child to achieve those aims. The teacher will assess the child’s development in a variety of ways, e.g. through observation, discussion and feedback. Children will be expected to work on and know their targets and they are given clear strategies for ways to improve. Parental support in this area is always important. Ask your child what they are learning, discuss, in the evening, what has been learnt throughout the day, take opportunities to build on this with simple counting activities when children are younger to encouraging quick recall of multiplication tables, spellings etc. as they grow older.

Standard Assessment Tests (SATs)
Standard Assessment Tests are an integral and statutory part of the curriculum.

Children in Year 2 complete Key Stage 1 SATs, through tasks and tests, which help to inform final outcomes of Teacher Assessments. Teacher Assessment is then reported to parents and submitted nationally. The tests for Key Stage 1 children are marked internally, to a specified criterion and moderated by the Local Authority. This is just part of the process which informs a teacher about your child’s overall attainment and other indicators, such as home reading records, parent evening meetings and informal discussions also provide qualitative data about the boys and girls.

Children in Year 6 complete Key Stage 2 SATs. Timetables are set nationally; they are taken under rigorous test conditions and are externally marked.

The levels which your child will be expected to attain if working as an average member of a class group, in national comparisons are:

Level 2            The expected level for the average 7 year old.
Level 4            The expected level for the average 11 year old.