We believe that consistent and punctual attendance is fundamental to both pupil achievement and high academic standards. We expect to begin both the morning and afternoon sessions in an atmosphere of calm where all pupils are present for registration and the commencement of the appropriate lesson. The attendance coordinator for our school is Mrs. McNally, the Head Teacher. She is assisted by Mrs. Keay our attendance officer and Mrs. Lorraine Hubble, our Education Welfare Officer.

At Holy Trinity Catholic School there is an expectation that all pupils will maintain an excellent attendance record. We want our registers to show the highest attendance possible or which have absences explained by parents or carers and authorized by the Head Teacher.

School registers are open to scrutiny by a number of bodies and unauthorised absence will raise questions, which are ultimately followed through by the School Education Social Worker, Mrs. Donna Douglas, who will seek to interview parents on the matter. Punctuality and consistent attendance are rewarded and praised throughout the school.

Holidays should not be taken in school time and, where they are unavoidable, cannot exceed five school days each year. The Governing Body, in line with government requirements, expects parents to arrange family holidays to coincide with school holidays. Where this is not possible, due to work commitments, a holiday form must be completed PRIOR to the holiday being taken. No more than ten days will be authorized, except in special circumstances, and your child’s attendance record will contain unauthorised absence information.

Periods absent from school on extended holidays mean that we cannot guarantee that the child’s place in school will remain open. This relates to holidays of longer than 4 weeks. Parents should be aware of this before deciding to take a child away from school for this length of time.