Charging / Remissions

As a Catholic school we are funded in a slightly different way to state school for any building or improvement works we undertake the Governing Body have to find 10% of the cost, it is not funded at 100% as in other schools. An example of this is that if a new classroom cost us £146,000, the Government would fund 90% of this cost and the Governing Body would have to fund £14,600. In the past the additional money has been supplied by the parish in which the school belonged. The Archdiocese have recognized that, with falling congregations and an increase in non-Catholic children being educated in our schools this can no longer be sustained. Children of every faith and denomination benefit tremendously from being educated in our schools and that is presumably why parents make this choice for them. From September 2004 the Archdiocese asked parents and schools to work in partnership to raise the additional funds needed. Through a voluntary contribution scheme the Governors ask each family to contribute towards this. Every Catholic school in the Archdiocese is operating this scheme and, in this way, accepting responsibility for raising the additional 10% of funds needed to ensure that we have modern and efficient school buildings for generations to come.

School visits are funded through parental contributions. The full cost of both admission and travel is calculated between the numbers of pupils attending the visit. The cost is then presented to parents and their equal contributions requested. We make every effort to keep costs to a minimum and try to include some visits with negligible admission or transport costs throughout the year. School Fund is also responsible for subsidizing many visits by children throughout the school. Where all of the contributions are not volunteered by parents it may be necessary to cancel the visit. The cost for residential visits must be met in full by parents as these visits take place outside of the school day. Currently the school building is not used on a paid/ rental basis out of school hours.