English & Mathematics

At Holy Trinity we implement the guidelines of the Primary Strategy.

Our children begin their journey in language within Nursery where the Jolly Phonics scheme is used to begin the process of decoding and making sense of written words and sounds. This is supported with emergent writing teaching, activities to support gross and fine motor action, the development of upper body strength for writing and many real life situations where early reading and writing can take place. A lending library exists in nursery for children and parents to borrow shared books.

Our main programme in language focuses on the development of skills through the implementation of the Rigby Star reading scheme in the Early Years and develops onto Literacy World. This range of resources are supported by the selective use of a variety of resources including Jolly Phonics, Nelson Handwriting as well as fiction and non-fiction library books and the use of IT skills to enhance literacy achievement. We have hundreds of books within our reading scheme and many other fiction and non-fiction books within the library which the children may borrow.

By providing the children with opportunities to develop and practice a range of appropriate skills in each of the National Curriculum strands of Speaking and Listening, Reading and Writing your child will become increasingly confident and competent in each of these areas.

The person responsible for the development of English is Mrs. Downes.

At Holy Trinity we aim to develop a full range of mathematical skills and concepts based on the attainment outcomes outlined in the Primary Strategy. There is a dedicated Mathematics lesson each day, ranging in length depending upon the age of your child.

The person responsible for the development of this area is Miss Reynolds.