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If it is true that by giving life parents share in the God’s creative work, it is also true that by raising their children they become sharers in his paternal and at the same time maternal way of teaching…

Gratissimam Sane

Holy Trinity Catholic School seeks an active partnership with its parent body and aims to develop good working relationships within our community. Parents are kept informed of regular events through our website here, our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/aspirenottohavemore and half termly newsletters. There are many opportunities for parents to become involved in school activities. We have a parent helper programme in place and your talents and skills would be very welcome in our school. We send out forms each year that parents can complete to let us know they are interested in helping in school.

The Parent Volunteers or, as it is known, the Friends of the School is active and the parents work hard to support all of our children. They generate money for additional activities such as parties through fundraising. The pupils benefit greatly from this. A tuck shop is run weekly and parents lend a hand with the book fair and on educational visits, in fact, wherever they can be help to the children to Friends of the School give a lot of their time to doing so. Every parent is a member of the Friends of the School and we hope that a lot of you will choose to take an active part in this.

Parents are also invited into school and to participate in school events in many other ways. You can be invited to every weekly Mass held in school; there are performances every Christmas in each Stage of the school. Children play in sports teams and parents can get behind them, offering plenty of support or become a Book Buddy, offering to share a book with a child each week. There are Superstar Assemblies at the end of each term that parents are welcomed to and performances by the children in other venues that parents can attend and enjoy.

You will be invited to attend three consultation evenings throughout the Academic Year. The first of these, usually in October, is used to discuss the curriculum for that year group and investigates ways in which parents can both contribute and assist in its delivery. The second meeting is held in February. At this point there is close consultation between members of staff and parents on the child’s achievements in the Core Curriculum. You will be able to see an overview of achievement and made aware of your child’s individual target for progression and improvement. The final meeting of the year is held in July. Each child receives two reports each year and you will be able to discuss your child’s report, if you need to, and staff can highlight where next year’s curriculum will help your child to address weaknesses and develop strengths.

Staff are also available at other times to discuss any concerns which may arise. Parents will make an appointment through the school secretary to see the member of staff concerned and are very welcome to consult with the Head should the need arise. The Head makes every effort to see parents on the day they approach school or to make alternative contact with them. Holy Trinity School believes that a strong and fruitful Home/ School Partnership binds together a community with its children at the centre, where they belong.