International Primary Curriculum

Holy Trinity has taught History, Geography, Art and Design Technology through the International Primary Curriculum for almost eight years. Our Humanities work is developed through focused topics, developing a range of skills knowledge and understanding. Use of appropriate computer software, the Internet, TV and radio programmes and videos are used selectively to extend and enrich your child’s experiences. Wherever possible, first hand experiences are encouraged e.g. through investigative activities, educational visits and exploring the local environment.

The person responsible for this area is Mrs McNally

Holy Trinity is the proud holder of a Gold Artsmark award (for the second time), presented in recognition of the outstanding contribution the arts make to the curriculum of our school. We aim to provide our pupils with opportunities to enjoy and appreciate the Arts as well as progressively developing the children’s skills and knowledge in each area through our thematic curriculum. Our expressive arts curriculum develops through the focused topics covered and your child would have opportunities within our whole school programme to use a variety of materials and media and develop a range of techniques and skills. The children are encouraged in self-expression and creativity, whilst building up knowledge of a range of artists.

In Music we encourage our children to take an active part in music making, experiencing the fun of music whilst gaining a sense of achievement through the development of skills, knowledge and understanding of a range of music. Our core music scheme is ‘Music Express’ – a progressive programme used throughout the school. We have a strong tradition of choral music within our school. The children are taught to sing well from the earliest age and the school is well renowned for its performances.

The person responsible for this area is Miss Thornett.

Our children also enjoy a wide range of outdoor learning experiences, beginning with Forest School experiences in Foundation Stage, through educational visits in each year group and a residential experience each year. We believe that allowing our children to explore and make connections with their environment strengthens their respect for their locality and helps the boys and girls to develop ideas about stewardship and care of the natural world.

The person responsible for the development of this area is Mrs Crump.