Our School Day

Nursery Pupils
8.45am Morning session begins
11.45am Morning session closes
12.30pm Afternoon session opens
3.30pm Afternoon session closes
Key Stage 1 & 2 Pupils
8.45am Children may arrive on the school campus from this time
8.55am School begins – Registration and Prayer
12.10pm Key Stage 1 children begin lunch
12.20pm Key Stage 2 children begin lunch
1.25pm Key Stage 1 and 2 afternoon session begins.
– Registration and Prayer
3.25pm School session ends and the children are dismissed from this time onwards.
– children should be collected promptly.
3.45pm School playground supervision ends.
Foundation Nursery Parents may access 15 hours of Nursery education
Key Stage 1 pupils are taught directly for 21.5 hours per week.
Key Stage 2 pupils are taught directly for 23.5 hours per week.