Our School

Holy Trinity, as a school community, has faithfully served the parish of Bilston since 1834. Originally sited in the old school building, which still stands next to Holy Trinity Church, the school was responsible for the education of Catholic children, and those of other denominations, from their earliest years through until each child left school.

In the first part of last century the school moved to Queen Street where it remained until 1994 when the new building in Fraser Street was opened.

The parish of Holy Trinity was one of the four parishes which founded the Francis Leveson School in Willenhall as a much needed Catholic secondary school and Holy Trinity sends the majority of its leavers there, to St. Thomas More, as it is now known today. Archbishop Emeritus Maurice Couve de Murville officially opened the school building on July 14th 1995.

There are obviously many differences from those early days outlined in the school logbooks, but our ethos is the same. Our mission statement clearly encapsulates the dedication and professionalism of all of the school staff. Appearances may change but the service offered to our parish does not. Today, our school is a modern and attractive building, fully planned with adaptations to meet the needs of any person with particular mobility needs. There is an ongoing commitment to meeting the needs of disabled pupils by the Governors through the School Accessibility Plan which is currently being implemented.

The school is open plan, with classrooms in Key Stage 1 and 2 opening onto a central area. We have a medical room, leadership hub, the Romero Suite (used as an additional learning space), The Ark – our wellbeing room, an additional classroom built to the rear of our school to accommodate additional pupils the Local Authority asked us to educate and facilities for physically impaired pupils. The official capacity of the school is 182. In more recent times, as our parish has joined with that of St Joseph’s Eastfield, we are working in close collaboration with both parishes and serving the families of each.