Mid-day meal arrangements, Fruit & Water

Children may take a mid-day meal on the school premises. We operate a multi-choice, cafeteria style menu. These meals cost £2.00 each. This should be paid, wherever possible, promptly on Monday morning to the School Secretary by parents. If money is sent with children it must be in a SEALED envelope and the child’s name and the enclosed amount written on. Money will not be accepted from a child that is not sent in this way.

The school secretary is able to assist you if you think your child may be entitled to an assisted free meal. Please speak to her in total confidence and the relevant paperwork can be completed very quickly. Even if your child is entitled to a free lunch and does not want to take it then he or she will still be able to have free milk each day. Milk normally costs £10.00 per term.

Those parents wishing their child to take a packed lunch should provide a suitable container for this to be transported in. No bottles or cans are allowed in the Dining Hall. Children may take a meal at home, being collected by parents and returned at a time which allows the afternoon session to begin promptly.

All pupils are provided with a piece of fruit daily to be eaten in school. All pupils may bring water into school to drink during the school day. The benefits of remaining hydrated are clearly linked to improved concentration and the children are encouraged in this by having a bottle with a sports cap which they can use in school.