Science & ICT

Within school we have a complete server network with every classroom connected to the Internet through Broadband and the capability for the children to work on any one of the PCs we have, (our current ratio is 1:2). We have a number of mobile suites of laptops within KS1 and KS2 and the Early Years children have suites of Fizz books to use. Nursery is connected to the network through a fibre optic connection. Your child will have an individual digital folder of work and will be able to log onto the network independently. We use a virtual workspace through our email service and children can therefore share work between home and school without the need to save and store onto software.

Each Key Stage 2 child has an email account, protected by a username and password and subject to stringent protection policies farmed through the LA. The children are taught to use both email and the internet responsibly and there is an internet protocol in place which requires parents to consent to their child’s use of the medium, parents are required to sign a permission form for their child to use the internet, bearing in mind that the children are always supervised when using it. Severe penalties are imposed for any abuse of the internet or server system.

The person responsible for the development of ICT is Miss Roberts.

The principle aim in Science is to support your child in exploring and understanding the world around us. Scientific investigation and discovery form the foundation of our work and children are taught about Life and Living Processes, Materials and their Properties and Physical Processes. These are the strands of the National Curriculum. These strands are encompassed in all topics and themes taught. Curriculum time allocated to the teaching of Science is approximately 10% of the weekly timetable. Teaching is differentiated to meet the learning needs and styles of our pupils. We link with outside agencies to assist in relating theory to practice and devote an annual educational visit or visitor in each Key Stage to a Scientific based area or exhibition.

The person responsible for this area of learning is Mrs Plascott.