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All of our parents expect their children to attend school dressed in a smart and practical way. At Holy Trinity School the children will be dressed in the following manner without exception:
School approved maroon sweatshirt with embroidered school badge.
White polo shirt.
Grey tailored school trousers.
Grey shorts (optional for summer wear only – April to July)
Grey socks (must always be worn)
Black shoes.

Winter uniform
School approved maroon sweatshirt with embroidered school badge.
White polo shirt.
Grey tailored skirt, tailored trousers or tailored pinafore dress
White/grey socks or white/black or red tights.
Black flat shoes.

During summer months girls may choose the optional:

Summer uniform (April – July)
Red checked or striped school summer dress.
Maroon sweatshirt wit embroidered school badge.
White socks.
Sandals may be worn, ensuring that the feet are fully secured inside and that they are not backless as this is a safety hazard. They must be white or black, no other colour is acceptable.
The children must not be sent to school in the following items:
Trainers, jeans, leggings, jewelry (excluding watches and stud earrings) or tracksuit jogging bottoms.

Every piece of clothing must be clearly labelled with each child’s name. The school will not accept responsibility for items that are lost or mislaid.

A coat should be brought every day, except in very warm weather.

In the interests of safety all hair longer than shoulder length must be tied back. No hair is to be cut shorter than grade 2 on any part of a child’s head.

P.E. kit
All children require kit in which to fulfill the legal requirements of the National Curriculum. It is essential; therefore, that kit is in school ready for the relevant lessons.

Boys and Girls
White T-shirt
Red sports shorts (not cycling shorts)
Plimsolls/ pumps for indoor gym.
Trainers for outdoor work.

The same sports shoe cannot not be worn for both indoor and outdoor activities. An optional tracksuit, which can be used during colder weather, may be brought to school. It should be a dark colour, either black or navy.

Kit must be kept in a suitable sports bag or pump bag. Children who repeatedly forget PE kit will be referred to the Education Welfare Officer in failing to comply with the requirements of the National Curriculum.

Children in Years 3 and 4 will require the correct swimming kit. This is a full swimming costume for girls, no bikini or tankini styles allowed and a swimming cap for hair longer than shoulder length. Boys will require swimming trunks. The longer style shorts are not acceptable.