Medical Care in School

During their primary school years pupils have medical checkups. Vision and hearing examinations also take place. Reception pupils have Health Entry medical examinations by the school nursing team. Parents are notified of these and invited to attend. In Year 1 hearing is checked and there are also regular visits by the school dentist. Parents may choose to have their child treated by the school dentist or by their own practitioner.

At the beginning of each year parents are asked to provide emergency contact numbers and any relevant information about their child’s health. They are asked to ensure that these are kept up to date. If your child has an accident     or becomes unwell s/he will be seen by one of the school first aiders. All incidents are logged. We have a medical room where a child can rest if unwell. If necessary, a parent or contact is called. In extreme circumstances we will telephone for an ambulance and your child will be removed to hospital whilst we are trying to contact you.

If a child needs to take medicine in school the necessary forms must be completed before this can be undertaken by school staff. Only where medicine is prescribed by a GP, required in emergencies, or four times a day, can it be accepted in school for administration.