Holy Trinity Catholic Primary School


The history curriculum is led and overseen by the history lead, Miss Beards who ensures that the skills and knowledge develop through studying specific periods of time. These are mapped across each year group of the school to ensure progression.


History is all around us. The study of history ignites our children’s curiosity and wonder of the past in their local community as well as the wider world. Our school believes that history is a pivotal part of any child’s education and has a valued role in the taught curriculum, which includes the enrichment opportunities we offer to our young people. History offers an exploration of finding out how and why cultures, communities and countries have developed over time and our children gain an understanding of how the past influences the present. Through the teaching of history, this enables them to develop a context for their growing sense of identify and a chronological timeline for their knowledge of significant people and events. The intent at Holy Trinity when teaching history, is to inspire children’s curiosity in order for them to have the skills, knowledge and understanding as outlined in the National Curriculum.



In history the skills and knowledge are sequenced through early civilisations moving to modern history in their local communities in each year group. Our school does this through an enquiry approach whereby all our learning starts with the review of prior knowledge. This is then scaffolded, enabling children to recall previous learning and making connections to new information presented. Our children develop a progression of skills rather than learn a series of facts from the past. This is achieved by them finding evidence, weighing it up and reaching their own conclusion. They interpret evidence, both primary and secondary sources gaining the necessary skills to argue for their point of view. The school’s high-quality curriculum is supported through the availability of a wide range of quality resources.



Our aims are that when our children leave Holy Trinity they have gained a secure knowledge and understanding of historical events and the context of the historical periods covered. This is seen through children who are confident in their ability to talk about what they have discovered through using subject specific vocabulary. They are able to think critically about history, evaluating evidence through historical enquiry enabling and have a secure understanding of how interpretations of the past were constructed. Our children thrive on the desire to embrace challenging activities, having to reflect, debate and critically evaluate the past to reach historical explanations.


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