Holy Trinity Catholic Primary School

School Security

This is an issue which affects the everyday running of school and we ask the whole parent community in helping us to be vigilante and aware of potential dangers.

  • The school main gate is locked at 8.55am and remains so until 3.20pm
  • If you wish to see a member of staff, please enter only through the main reception as all cloakroom doors are locked internally for the duration of teaching periods. This does not affect fire exits as they are situated in every classroom and can only be opened from inside.
  • Holy Trinity operates a zero tolerance policy towards aggression and we ask everyone to treat each other kindly and with respect. 

  • No parents or family member should attempt to engage pupils in conversation at break times. Children should not be given the impression that it is ‘Okay to talk to people at the school fence.’ In doing this you may endanger another child who, watching this happen, has no hesitation in approaching a stranger and then facing the possible consequence of this action. Reinforce the message of Stranger Danger with your own child.
  • We ask you to report anything you observe outside of school which can threaten our children's safety.


ht assaults on school staff policy.pdf