Holy Trinity Catholic Primary School

Our Staff

“Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.”       Matthew 9:38

The staff of Holy Trinity are dedicated to ensuring the best outcomes for all children in our school. Their expertise is not only evident in the classroom but also in the curriculum subjects they lead across the school and they give much of their time not only to the learning which takes place in school but also the provision of additional activities, clubs and visits to enhance our provision. Our support staff are committed to providing the conditions for excellent teaching and learning to take place and for the pastoral, welfare and safety needs of the children to be met.


Our school staff are:

Headteacher                             Mrs H Taylor

Deputy Headteacher                  Mrs S Lester (Maternity leave)

Acting Deputy Headteacher        Mrs C Beech 


EYFS Teaching Team

Nursery and Reception Teaching Teams

Phase Leader                   Mrs C Crump

Nursery Teacher               Mrs S Jones

Teaching Assistants           Miss S Fullwood

                                      Mrs K Kaur

Reception Teacher            Miss N Roberts

                                      Miss L Ward

                                      Miss S Parker

Key Stage 1

Year 1 Teaching Team

Year 1 Teacher                  Miss Z Evans

Teaching Assistants            Miss A Sandhu

                                      Mrs M Fernando

Year 2 Teaching Team

Year 2 Teacher                  Mrs E Tyler

Teaching Assistants             Mrs A Irving


Key Stage 2


Year 3 Teaching Team

Year 3 Teacher                   Miss A Purewal

Teaching Assistants             Mrs K Small

                                        Mrs Bhoondpal

Year 4 Teaching Team

Year 4 Teacher                   Miss G Beards

                                        Miss D Clarke

Year 5 Teaching Team

Y5 Teacher                         Ms A Docherty

Teaching Assistants              Miss S Wellington-Brown

                                         Miss E Pearce 

Year 6 Teaching Team

Y6 Teachers                       Miss S Thompson

                                        Miss P Coleman

Teaching Assistants             Mrs J Price

                                        Miss N Meras 

                                        Mrs C Ezeamaku                      


Pastoral Care Manager     Mrs V Griffiths

Site Manager                    Mr P Keay

Office Manager                Mrs A Keay

School Secretaries            Mrs S Kendrick

                                         Mrs K Marks

Lunchtime Supervisors      Mrs Bains

                                         Mrs T Bullows

                                         Miss Hickinbottom